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Nov 16, 2011

Symbian Carla and Donna to Follow Symbian Belle Soon

Nokia is still committed to providing a better experience to those users who own devices running under the latest flavors of the Symbian mobile operating system. 

Following the release of Symbian^3 last year and that of Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle earlier in 2011, the Finnish mobile phone maker is set to launch new flavor of the platform, to provide users with new features on their devices.

Reportedly, the handset vendor will soon bring to phones two new versions of the mobile platform, namely Symbian Carla and Symbian Donna.

A leaked screenshot that emerged over at Symbian Latino is responsible for bringing this info to the web, though it is a blurry one and not all details on it are as clear as one might have wanted them to be.

According to the news site, the soon to be here Symbian Carla platform release will arrive on devices with a new flavor of the browser, namely 8.0, but it remains to be seen what the new browser flavor is all about.

Apparently, Nokia will also include support for Dolby surround sound, along with a new widget and better NFC connectivity.

The new OS upgrade will also come with other enhancements, but specific info on other improvements that it might include have not emerged so far.

And there is also Symbian Donna, which should arrive on shelves with support for dual-core application processors, suggesting that Nokia might actually consider launching such Symbian devices soon.

Nokia did say a while ago that 2012 might bring along Symbian on dual-core application processors, and it seems that things are indeed sliding in this direction.

However, nothing has been officially announced on the matter for the time being, and things might turn out differently in the end, so stay tuned to learn more on this as soon as more info becomes available.


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