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Nov 16, 2011

Windows 8 Loaded on Nokia Tablet in June 2012

Windows 8 will certainly look great on tablet PCs when they become available for purchase in 2012 (in fact, it already appears to be great on the Samsung tablet that was showcased earlier this year) especially with a larger number of vendors committing to the launch of such devices. 

One of them appears to be Nokia, a company that has just put up for sale its first device running under Windows Phone, and which reportedly confirmed plans to launch a Windows 8 tablet PC as well next year.

In a recent interview with LesEchos, Nokia France head, Paul Amsellem, confirmed that the company was working on a tablet PC that would run under Windows 8 when made available for purchase in June next year.

No specific details on the device itself have been delivered, but the mentioning along was good enough to fire up a series of rumors on the matter.

Based on Amsellem's sayings, some concluded that Windows 8 might be officially released in mid-2012, though no specific confirmation on this has emerged so far.

Nokia is certainly the most important partner that Microsoft has at the moment on the mobile space, considering the fact that the Finnish giant is committed to bring to shelves only smartphons running under Windows Phone in a few years' time.

Their agreement on the mobile space extends beyond the simple licensing of Windows Phone for being loaded on the handset vendor's smartphones, and the release of a tablet PC seems only a natural step in the evolution of their relation.

The touch-optimized client will be powering tablets and other devices from a wider range of vendors, that's for sure.

Ballmer himself confirmed not too long ago that the Windows 8 platform would be loaded on a wider array of devices than before, including there everything from desktop PCs to tablets and phones.

Update: BGR reports that, when asked about the said tablet, Nokia responded the following: "We haven’t announced any plans anywhere in the world at this point regarding a potential tablet strategy."


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