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Nov 16, 2011

Mach Xtreme 16 GB RAM Kit Doesn't Bash Wallets

Mach Xtreme didn't actually outright say what it was, but it promises that the price of the Urban Series Quad-Channel DDR3 memory kit will not be too hard on one's life savings. 

Intel's Sandy Bridge-E processors have appeared and, with them, X79 motherboards with high aims for memory.

Mach Xtreme is adding its name to the list of companies that unleashed a quad-channel DDR3 kit for these platforms.

Not that there is anything shocking about this development, of course.

After all, the high-grade Intel chips demand matching RAM to back them up, being enthusiast parts meant for overclocking.

Mach Xtreme decided to, in a way, repeat what it did back in August instead of gunning for the greatest performance and capacity heights.

As such, rather than making some expensive, super-capacious or fast kit like Kingston or G.Skill, it created the Urban Series Quad-Channel DDR3.

The name might not suggest it, but this is, the company claims, the sort of thing that enthusiasts need at an attractive price.

In other words, it strives to meet the requirements of those who need to keep some budget concerns in mind.

The total capacity is of 16 GB, achieved from four modules of 4 GB each, all of which work on a voltage of 1.5 V and at a frequency of 1,333 MHz.

Not exactly the 2,000MHz+ clock speeds of the more ambitious products but, then again, not everyone is going to try and break world records in benchmarks and, at 16 GB capacity, even 1,333 MHz will be more than enough for smoothly running multiple operations at once, even games or other memory intensive graphics programs.

Mach Xtreme's modules are RoHS, CE and FCC-certified and 100% hand-tested for quality assurance.

Finally, they come with lightweight, Japanese heatsinks and are backed by a lifetime warranty.


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