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Dec 5, 2011

$200 Million Go into Anti-Apple Samsung Legal Fund

There doesn't seem to be much chance of Apple and Samsung settling their differences now that their patent war has escalated all around the world, and Samsung's latest move proves it. 

There aren't many things that could make a company change how its finances get distributed and invested, but Samsung is of the opinion that its quarrel with Apple is among them.

According to the Korea Times, the former has chosen to set aside $200 million to use as a legal fund for 2012.

Initially, things looked grim for Samsung and its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, as well as some smartphones.

After an Australian judge issued an injunction against the tablet, the appeal court reverted the decision (sales still can't start until December 9).

Even more recently, the US court denied Apple the injunction it sought and also ruled that most of the patents are either likely invalid or unlikely to really harm Apple.

Thus, as the companies continue to duke it out in other countries, Samsung is determined to make as strong a case as possible.

“This is another factor why Samsung has been maintaining its hard-line stance against Apple” an unnamed Samsung executive told the Korea Times.

“The US ruling is expected to fuel more momentum for it to further strengthen the existing stance.”

Samsung and Apple used to be on cordial terms, until the latter sued the former over the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

With that to invalidate Samsung's unofficial policy of not suing Apple, as it was called, Samsung filed some lawsuits of its own.

The next big confrontation will be the one in Paris, where Samsung hopes to gain another victory.

Currently, Germany still has the Tab 10.1 banned, but the Tab 10.1N was made to circumvent the legal debacle, not that Apple refrained from legally attacking that one too.


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