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Dec 5, 2011

AMD’s 28nm Radeon HD 7670M and HD 7690M Spotted in Asus and HP Notebooks

We definitely are getting closer to the launch of AMD’s Radeon HD 7000 mobile graphics core series and recently two GPUs from this upcoming product family were spotted in notebook models from Asus and HP.

The chips were uncovered by the German PC Games Hardware publication, which spotted them in the configuration of Asus’ X53TK 15-incher and in the HP Envy 17.

The first one of these notebooks, the X53TK, seems to be an all AMD affair since is powered by an A6-3420M APU with integrated HD 6520G GPU, but in order to improve the GAMING performance of its creation Asus also added Radeon HD 7670M discrete graphics to its laptop.

The HD 7670M is actually a Thames XT chip manufactures using the 28nm node and it packs a 128-bit wide memory bus connected to DDR3 memory while its operating clocks seem to be set at 600MHz for the GPU and 900MHz for the memory.

Asus’ use of the HD 7670M in a hybrid-graphics configuration with the A6-3420M APU suggests that the GPU is based on the VLIW5 architecture.

At the heart of the Radeon HD 7690M part that is used by HP for its Envy 17 notebook also stands the Thames XT core, but his time this is coupled with GDDR 5 memory clocked at 800MHz.

The GPU frequency was not mentioned, but a previous report indicates that this is clocked at the same 600MHz as in the case of the HD 7670M we talked about earlier in this article.

Neither Asus, nor HP, has mentioned a release date for their Radeon HD 7000-powered notebooks, but if we were to guess we would say that these will be unveiled most probably during CES 2012.


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