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Dec 5, 2011

Intel’s Unreleased Pentium B970 Spotted in HP's Pavilion dv6 Notebook

By the end of this year, Intel is expected to launch a new series of mobile processors based on the Sandy Bridge architecture and one of these upcoming chips, the Pentium B970, was just spotted inside an HP document.

This doc details the technical specifications of the company’s Pavilion dv6 notebook which it seems like soon it will be updated to feature new processor options. One of these is the Pentium B970.

Starting with the release of its first Sandy Bridge-based Pentium B940, every mobile Pentium CPU released by Intel since then has come as a 100MHz higher clocked part when compared to its predecessor.

The dual-core Pentium B970 is no exception to this rule and, as CPU-World reports, other than this small speed bump it will most probably be identical with the current B960.

What this means is that the 2.3GHz CPU should come equipped with 2MB of Level 3 cache memory, built-in Intel HD graphics, SSE4 support as well as with an integrated dual-channel memory controller.

Other more advanced features like HyperThreading or AVX support is sadly missing from the features pack as it’s the case with most other Sandy Bridge-based Pentium CPUs out there (the only exception is the Pentium 350 for micro-servers). The TDP of the Pentium B970 should be set at 35 Watts.

According to the HP document, this latest mobile Pentium CPU will be available in the Pavilion dv6 notebook starting with December 11.

Even though we have no official confirmation, we suspect that this is also the date when Intel plans to launch this processor.

No other laptops running the B970 were spotted so far, but it shouldn’t take notebook manufacturers too long to update their creations to include this CPU once it’s made official.


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