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Dec 4, 2011

Asus Transformer Prime Rooted with One-Click Razorclaw Tool

Even though the Transformer Prime won’t become available in the US for a few more weeks, the Asus tablet was already rooted using a one-click tool built especially for the original Transformer.

As many other reviewers out there, Phil Nickinson from Android Central has also received a Transformer Prime from Asus to test.

However, unlike the rest of those who got their hands on the Prime, Nickinson wanted to take his experiments with the Asus tablet one step further and so it tried a couple of rooting tools on the second gen Transformer.

Nickinson struck gold when it came across an app called Razorclaw, which was specifically built to root the original Transformer, but seems to also work on the Prime.

The instructions are really simple to follow and only require users to download and install the Razorclaw tool, and then run it on their Transformer Prime in order to gain superuser access.

The process is indeed extremely simple so you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties along the way, apart from getting your hands on a Transformer Prime that is.


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