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Dec 4, 2011

Nvidia Graphics Driver Leaks GeForce 600M-Series GPUs

A new Nvidia graphics driver provided for Asus’ notebooks has leaked a series of notebook GPUs that the chip maker wants to introduce in the near future as members of the GeForce 600M product family.

The driver in question is marked as version 295.18 and apart from some cryptic "N13P" and "N13E" code names also mentions a series of low-end graphics cards such as the GeForce GT 635M, GeForce GT 630M, and 610M as well as the high end GeForce GTX 670M GPU.

According to the Computer Base website, it’s not yet clear how many of the low-end parts listed are actually new GPUs and how many are rebrands of the current 500M-series chips, but the GTX 670M is definitely a new GPU.

This isn’t however the first time that we have come to cross our ways with the GTX 670M as this GPU was also spotted in the second part of November when it was unveiled that it will pack a 192-bit wide memory bus.

Two of the other three low-end GPUs mentioned by the driver were also detailed in that previous report.

The Asus driver is dated November 19, and outside of these chips includes a part dubbed “NVIDIA GK107-ESP-A1,” which should be an early 28nm GPU based on the Kepler architecture with an A1 revision.

No details regarding the release date of any of these chips are available at this time. However, Nvidia is expected to launch its first, smaller chips in the GeForce 600M-series, in December of this year. The rest of the graphics cores will make their appearance in 2012.

Outside of these graphics processors, Nvidia’s notebook GPU lineup is expected to include at least 9 other SKUs, ranging from low-end to maninstream and high-end parts.


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