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Dec 4, 2011

Old Age Human Memory Loss Not an Issue for Memo Touch Tablet

Memo just announced a device that, in a way, is a throwback to the times when tablets were only heard of in specific fields, like medicine, only it used media slate looks. 

Memo Touch, LLC just launched a special-purpose tablet that bears its name.

Basically, the Memo Touch tablet is intended for elderly citizens that can't exactly claim to have the best short-term memory.

Based on Archos 101, it delivers gentle cues when the time comes to see a doctor, take medication, do certain exercises.

That is assuming the very same memory loss doesn't end up making owners forget where they last left a certain thing.

With comprehensive calendar tools, family members can set up events, to-do items, phone numbers, share personalized messages or photos, etc.

All this is easy to achieve through the companion website: family members can set up access to weather forecasts, the list of daily medication and when they should be taken, etc.

“Memo establishes an entirely new product category of memory assistants designed to reduce the confusion and loss of independence caused by memory impairment,” says Merilee Griffin, Ph.D., president of Memo Touch, LLC.

“Memo can be easily customized to meet the needs of people with a wide range of abilities. Memo's display can be as simple as the day, date and time and a single reminder, or it can include optional features such as a calendar, to-do list, the weather, phone numbers, a list of medications, and photo albums. A Help button is available to automatically send a text, email or both to the caregiver if needed.”

Memo touch has a price of $299 (222.15 Euro) and is sold with a six-month or 12-month subscription to the website ($174 / $300, or 129.28 / 222.89 Euro).

“Memo is your assistant that can be there when you can't, to remind your loved one of important tasks,” said Griffin.


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