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Mar 27, 2012

Tyan Announces the Newest Generation of Platforms Supporting the E5-2600 Intel Processor

Tyan unveiled eight new platforms supporting the new Intel E5-2600 processor on their official website. This new line of products comprises five models of motherboards with different options each and four barebones.

The dual socket Intel Xeon E5-2600 mainboards are designed for various applications including HPC, GPU computing, virtualization and high-density servers. They are all based on Intel’s C600 chipset and feature two high-speed QPI links and Quad Chanel DDR3 support.

The smallest mainboard family member is the TYAN S7050 (S7050A2NRF) and has 16 DIMM slots in dual 4 + 4 configuration for each CPU socket, the aforementioned Intel C602 PCH, the Nuvoton 5577D Super I/O chip and a Pericom PI3PCIE3412 PCI-E Switch.

It supports up to 128GB UDIMM and 512 LRDIMM and has two Gigabit LAN ports controlled by Intel ‘s 82574L chip and it still has a 32-bit PCI slot on the bottom.

The biggest brother is TYAN S7056 (S7056WGM3NR5 [BTO]) that comes with SAS capabilities, made possible by Intel’s C602 chip, complete with an upgrade ROM module and three Gigabit LAN ports controlled by Intel’s 82574L and i350-BT2 chips.

The SAS chip has support for RAID modes 0, 1, 10 and 5. There is also a TYAN S7056 version that comes with one Gigabit port and two 10G ports called S7056WGM3NR-2T.

As for the barebones, they all come in 2U form factor and have eight hard drive bays complete with hot-swap HDD trays. They weigh in at around 25 Kg (around 55 pounds) when empty and have four 6 cm fans.

Moreover, the new barebones have two redundant 770 watts PSUs and can support a maximum of 512 GB of LRDIMM DDR3 1333 MHz memory. If you only need 256 GB or RAM, you can clock it at a maximum of 1600MHz, but you have to use RDIMM modules.

Here too, the differentiating characteristics are directly related to the barebone’s networking capabilities as the smallest one comes with three Gigabit LAN ports and the most powerful solution had one Gigabit port and two 10G ones.


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