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Apr 9, 2012

ASUS Special Memory Perk "Stuns" Intel Engineers

With all the Intel Ivy Bridge-ready motherboards that have been launched over the past few days, one might think it is hard to figure out which to choose.

It looks like we might have an answer to that or, to be more precise, we found something that could tip the scales on AnandTech.

In their preview of the Panther Point chipset, they mentioned that ASUS reworked the memory sub-system.

Memory banks are now read in parallel instead of sequentially, which should clearly boost performance.

“Their new method stunned Intel engineers but should provide distinct memory speed advantages,” the folks at AnandTech said.

Alas, no one seems to know anything more on the matter, but we are pretty sure the ASUS Maximus V GENE ROG motherboard just became a lot more appealing. We'll be looking for more on this, so keep your fingers crossed.


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