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Apr 9, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note Running ICS in Tablet Mode

At the moment, Samsung’s Galaxy Note is the closest a smartphone would get to a tablet. 

It features a large 5.3-inch touchscreen display and, with the proper software loaded, it can easily offer an experience similar to that of a slate. 

In fact, it already does that, thanks to an “imilka” custom tablet ROM based on Ice Cream Sandwich, as can be seen in the video embedded above, courtesy of the guys over at RootGalaxyNote.com

The handset’s large screen can easily accommodate the UI designed for tablet PCs, but it is not available for all users out there. Only the aforementioned custom ROM - which can be seen detailed in this thread on XDA-Developers forum - offers it. 

Those interested in the matter should know that the installation of this unofficial software could void warranty and might harm the device if not performed properly.


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