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Apr 9, 2012

Samsung’s Flexible AMOLED Display Gets a Name: Youm

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung is moving closer to having its flexible AMOLED displays available for purchase around the world. 

Last year, the company promised this technology to be commercially available in 2012, and is now unveiling a name for it: Youm. 

On Samsung Mobile Display’s website, Youm is listed as the company’s unbreakable, flexible panel, which is also said to be thinner than the previously available products. 

On said page from Samsung’s website, we can have a look at a comparison between the various screen technologies that the handset vendor used before, such as LCD and OLED. 

Youm is similar to OLED, only that it replaces glass layers with film, so that the screen would be both thinner and tougher than before. 

The company has yet to unveil specific details on the availability of these panels in smartphones, so stay tuned for more on the matter.


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