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Apr 6, 2012

Colorful Officially Intros iGame GTX680-2G Kudan Graphics Card

Last week we spotted the most powerful rendition of the GeForce GTX 680 graphics card that Colorful had come up with and, now, that very product is ready and waiting to be bought.

The name of the video controller is iGame GTX680-2G Kudan and the price was not specified, although we guess it will be higher than $499 / 499 Euro.

We also aren't sure why companies seem to be putting that “i” before their product names nowadays. Imitating Apple probably, for better or worse.

We'll get the specs out of the way first: the board is a dual-BIOS beast.

One of the BIOS chips runs the card at 1,059 MHz (GPU) / 6,008 MHz (2 GB memory), while the other one drives everything higher, to 1,110 MHz / 6,208 MHz. A switch on the card toggles between them.

For the sake of comparison, the reference adapter operates at 1008 MHz and 6,008 MHz, respectively.

Colorful based its monster on the Silver Plated Technology, which gives the PCB (printed circuit board) an 8-phase native VRM and, after installing the Power-kit, an extra six phases.

The power provided by two 8-pin PCI Express connectors is needed to make it work, which means that host PCs will require very powerful PSUs.

For those who want even more info on this matter, the VRM has a modulation range of 0.1MHz to 1.5MHz and is controlled by an uP6208AM PWM chip.

Something stands out more than all the above, though: the cooler, a three-slot creature made of ten 6mm heatpipes, multiple heatsinks, three fans and a 3mm steel plate for the back of the PCB.

Finally, there are three sets of accessories to go with the Colorful iGame GTX680-2G Kudan.

One of them, Air-Kit, is held together by five detachable heatpipes, which can be installed for the main heatsink. The second one, the aforementioned Power-Kit, is the one the power users will like best.

Finally, there is the Color-Kit, which is essentially a collection of acrylic paints and brushes. It lets users paint the shell of the cooler.

Sales will start in Asia at first, with other regions following later on. Just how late is something we'll have to wait and see.


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