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Apr 10, 2012

Galaxy S III’s True HD Super AMOLED Screen Combines FMM and LITI

As Samsung’s next Android-based flagship smartphone is getting closer to release, more details and rumors on the technologies that it will pack inside are making it online. 

Today, some info on the phone’s screen has emerged, confirming that it will be the first true Super AMOLED HD panel out there. 

Featuring a great resolution and a higher pixel density than before, the upcoming smartphone is expected to easily leave rivals behind, and to provide users with the great visual experience they are looking for. 

Apparently, the South Korean mobile phone maker decided to combine some of the screen technologies it already mastered, to make sure that the things indeed turn out this way. 

Galaxy S II, last year’s Android flagship from Samsung, came with a 4.3-inch screen capable of delivering a 480 x 800 pixels resolution and 250ppi pixel density. 

Samsung did better than that with the Galaxy Note and Nexus through using PenTile screen matrix arrangement. The screens were Super AMOLED and delivered an HD resolution. 

Galaxy S III, however, will feature a non-PenTile screen, capable of the same HD resolution and featuring a higher pixel density at 316ppi, the latest details coming from DDaily unveil. 

For that, Samsung combined the Fine Metal Mask (FMM) process used for AMOLED screens at the moment with the tricky Laser-Induced Thermal Imaging (LITI) production method, which is cheaper and also allows for smaller pixels at 2.5 micrometers (compared to 15 micrometers for FMM). 

Apparently, FMM is used for the blue pixels on Galaxy S III’s screen, while LITI for the red and green pixels. The panel should feature the same 4.65-inch size as on Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S II HD LTE, while being done with a true HD RGB matrix.

According to phoneArena, Samsung has completed Phase 3 production method tests for the 5.5-Gen A2 production line and is firing it up for mass producing said 720p Super AMOLED screen for the Samsung Galaxy S III.


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