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Apr 10, 2012

NoFAN Announces CS-70 and CS-80 Cases

Seoul-based fanless PC company NoFAN has recently announced the CS-70 and CS-80 computer cases on its official website. Having a computer with no moving parts has always been a dream for silent PC enthusiasts.

NoFAN has a wide variety of original cooling systems in its product range – enough to build a completely silent PC. 

Back in the days (i.e. before 2008), even with every cooling part having no fan, the PC couldn’t be completely silent as it needed a hard drive.

Now, with the arrival of wide spread use of solid state drives, we can build a whole system that is completely silent.

The CS-70 case supports the MicroATX standard and has three 3.5” bays and one external 5.25” bay. There is also a 2.5” bay for the aforementioned SSD. The front panel has two USB 3.0 connectors and the standard HD Audio connectors.

It measures 284 mm in length, has a height of 487 mm while being 235 mm wide. These translate in 11.1” by 19.1” by 9.25” in imperial.

The CS-80 is a full-blown ATX case with six 3.5” bays and three 5.25” bays. It benefits from a completely screwless design, and has an extra eSATA port on the front panel next to the two USB 3.0 ports and the standard HD Audio connectors.

CS-80 stands 470 mm tall with a width of 200 mm while being 490 mm long, meaning 18,5” by 7.87” by 19.29” in imperial.

Both cases can perfectly fit inside the CR-100C fanless cooler and a fanless P-400A power supply for a completely silent PC solution. Even the smaller CS-70 can fit a full-blown 300 mm long card inside, while the CS-80 has an upper storage tray with USB 3.0 port for holding small devices as smart phones or external pocket-sized HDDs.

Pricing has not been established yet.


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