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Apr 10, 2012

Script: OSClass

OSClass is a relative new classified ads publishing platform, built to resemble the WordPress backend interface as much as possible. Nevertheless, all similarities end here.

Built to work on its own (not as a WP plugin), OSClass is one of the most delightful classified ads management solutions we have ever tested here. Just to highlight some of its features, OSClass allows users to manage general ads and specialized ads the same way (through modules), comes packed with a friendly graphic installer to easily install it anywhere, it's extremely SEO friendly and features a powerful search utility, to allow visitors to find their desired content.

Of course, as any other respectable open source project, OSClass has support for themes and plugins. OSClass' official website boasts a free themes and plugins repository to expand core functionality if and whenever needed. An OSClass demo can be tested here, while development news and updates can be followed on the SourceForge and/or GitHub pages.

Download OSClass here.


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