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Apr 4, 2012

GeForce GTX 680 OC Edition Prepared by Gigabyte

It looks like there will soon be a new graphics card roaming online and physical stores, one made by Gigabyte.

The product is called Gigabyte GeForce GTX 680 OC Edition and is exactly what it says on the tin: an overclocked GTX 680 board.

Nevertheless, some things have to be mentioned, such as the custom PCB (printed circuit board) and the new WindForce cooler (three fans, a dark grey shroud, lots of fins).

The GPU clock speed is 1,071 MHz, not all that high, but doubtlessly capable of going much higher with the right overclocking. It isn't called OC Edition for nothing after all.

The memory speed is the same as the reference one (6008 MHz), but again, overclocking will be possible.

We have no price to mention right now, but we suspect it isn't too high compared to the original's $499 / 499 Euro.


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