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Apr 17, 2012

Google Chrome Adds Support for the HTML5 Date Input Type

It seems that Chrome is making progress with HTML5 input types lately. It recently added support for the "color" input, which enables users to visually pick a color rather than write a HTML color code, and has now added support for the "date" input field which, well, enables users to pick a date via a calendar rather than typing it.

The new feature only works in Chromium and possibly in Chrome Canary, but should trickle down to Chrome 20 dev soon enough.

"By specifying type='date', input element shows little triangle next to its input box. By clicking it, users can now use date picker to fulfill the date parameter far easier than ever without any JavaScript!," Chrome's Eiji Kitamura announced.

You can try out the new feature by grabbing a recent Chromium build and heading over to HTML5Rocks' test page. You'll notice that all HTML5 form types listed there now work in Chrome.


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