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Apr 17, 2012

Rugged Samsung Memory Card Shrugs Off 2-Ton Roller

Reviewing a piece of technology usually involves benchmarks and other software tests, but things have to change when looking at the physical side of things. 

In fact, when examining so-called “rugged” products, people sometimes get creative. 

It so happens that the folks at German site Smartphonetech went quite a bit beyond the norm when playing with a rugged Samsung Plus Extreme Speed Series microSD memory card. 

Not only did they toss it in a washing machine, but they even put it in the middle of the road (red X and everything) and ran it over with a 2-ton roller. 

Of course, it's not like all that weight bore down on just the card, but still. 

You can find the card put through such torment here. Well, it's not precisely that card, but still the same type.


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