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Apr 17, 2012

14nm “Broadwell” Intel SoC Coming in 2014-2015

We've spoken about 14nm-based chips before, but now we get to look at a “true” Intel system-on-chip device, one that will further integrate the platform-controller hub (PCH) with the CPU. 

According to ComputerBase.de, Intel is definitely approaching the time when it can launch a system-on-chip device which routs over 90% of the system I/O through the CPU socket. 

In other words, the product will be a “true” SoC, although it will demand a socket change. 

Broadwell will be the follow-up to the Haswell architecture, which will have already implemented support for DDR4 memory and better graphics (Crystalwell Technology). 

That said, the 14nm-based chip will have a multi-chip module design, which means that the CPU and northbridge will be on the same die, while the PCH will be on the other. 

The release of the Broadwell will happen in 2014 or 2015.


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