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Apr 18, 2012

Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770K Reaches 6.616 GHz

As some may or may not have expected, a new overclocking feat has been achieved using the still unannounced Ivy Bridge central processing units from Intel. 

Intel's next-generation central processing units won't be officially out until April 23, but that doesn't mean that samples aren't circulating. 

In fact, some chips made it into the hands of testers and overclockers quite some time ago. 

This has led to the repeated emergence of benchmarking and clock tweaking results. 

What we are looking at now is the latter sort of occurrence, courtesy of a Chinese overclocker that didn't shy away from strapping his test bench with a liquid nitrogen cup. 

The Core i7-3770K was put on a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H motherboard and backed by 4 GB of DDR3-2133 MHz memory (two modules of 2 GB each). 

Meanwhile, a high-end Corsair AX1200W power supply unit (PSU) provided the necessary energy. 

When using a clock multiplier value of 63.0x, the i7-3770K managed to claw its way all the way up to 6.616 GHz, while clock speed of 6584.86 MHz was attained on a 104.52 x 63 test. 

Not only that, but when left at 6.511 GHz, the clock frequency was found to be stable after being subjected to the SuperPi benchmark. More precisely, the 1M timing was of 5.585s. 

What does this say for the average customer? Not all that much but, then again, it isn't like average customers are going to get the top-tier CPUs either. 

If nothing else, the test shows that the chip can take a lot and will exhibit a good overclocking potential and stability even when only air-cooling or water-cooling is present. 

Of course, 6.616 GHz isn't really a record by any means. The top spot belongs to the AMD FX-8150 after all (8.58GHz). 

On the flip side, the base performance is supposed to be higher than that of all potential competitors and even the prices got cut ahead of the unveiling.


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