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Apr 11, 2012

Intel to Bring Ultrabooks to Under $700 in Q3 (533 Euro)

We knew that Intel, and its OEMs, intend to set the price of Ultrabooks at $700 or less, but we didn't know just when all those vows would be fulfilled.

Now we do: Intel gave an update not long ago, in which it says that ultrabooks will be sold for $700 (533 Euro) by the time school begins again later this year (2012).

Alas, the European price will probably be closer to 600 Euro (or the full 700 Euro) instead of reflecting exchange rates, for whatever reason.

Anyway, most of the 75 Ultrabooks planned for 2012 will be convertible (probably), meaning that they will switch from tablet to laptop whenever people want.

Needless to say, they will have touchscreens in order for that to work and Windows 8 will probably figure prominently among the crowd.


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