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Apr 12, 2012

Samsung Chromebook Demos Instant-On at IDF 2012

It looks like lots of people brought devices over at the IDF 2012 trade show taking place in Beijing. 

Samsung is one of them, and its range of devices includes a Chromebook prototype that shows off those Coreboot improvements we've been hearing about. 

For those unaware, Coreboot is a Linux layer in the Chrome OS that handles the hardware, what little of it there is. 

Coincidentally, the new Coreboot code confirms previous reports that Chromebooks were going to support Ivy Bridge CPUs

The most notable trait of the Samsung Chromebook on display was the fast boot-up time. 

Unfortunately, nothing was actually exposed about the hardware. 

Then again, with pretty much everything being done in the cloud, online as it were, that isn't much of a surprise. At any rate, there will be little, if any, storage space beyond what is needed for the OS itself.


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