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Jun 5, 2012

ASUS Demos ROG Matrix 7970, a Beast of a Video Card

Now that normal Eyefinity isn't an advantage anymore, Advanced Micro Devices and its partners are placing emphasis on the stronger version of the technology.

The reason we are saying Eyefinity is no longer an advantage is simple: NVIDIA's video cards are not limited to two-display operation anymore. AMD's Eyefinity technology was a wonder in that it allowed Radeon video cards to spread the display area across three monitors. Meanwhile, NVIDIA boards could only achieve this through SLI multi-card configurations. The Kepler GPU line increased the display limit from two to four. Now, AMD is left with advertising the Eyefinity 6 functionality, for six-panel output on a single card. It so happens that ASUS' ROG Matrix 7970 has just what it takes to set up Eyefinity 6: two dual-link DVI and four DisplayPort connectors.

The video controller is being demoed at Computex 2012, in Taipei, Taiwan. Those who have noticed the Republic of Gamers logo should have already guessed that the adapter is also factory-overclocked. It isn't clear exactly what GPU and memory clock speeds ASUS settled on, but the report does specify a factory overclocking of at least 25%. The stock HD 7970 runs at 925 MHz for the GPU and 5.5 GHz for the 3 GB of GDDR5 VRAM. Some quick math would imply 1,156 MHz and 6.8 GHz. Other specs include a pair of 8-pin PCI Express power inputs, a strong VRM (which can carry the speeds higher than what even ASUS managed), Dual-BIOS (one of them is a failsafe, in case overclocking goes awry) and override switches for fan speed and voltages.

The only reason ASUS's monster of a card doesn't go down in smoke, besides whatever special electrical components made it on the blueprint, is the massive, triple-slot cooler, with a huge heatsink and two fans. Unfortunately, pricing, availability and complete performance details have yet to be provided.


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