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Jun 26, 2012

Coming in Q3: AMD 4GHz Vishera FX 8350

AMD’s Piledriver architecture is bringing a whole lot of improvements to the original Bulldozer core. In fact, Piledriver is exactly what Bulldozer was supposed to be when it was first launched a year ago.

Reported by FudzillaAMD is planning a Q3 launch for its Piledriver-based FX 8350 processor. We believe that if Piledriver’s enhanced clock mesh seen in Trinity is applied to the FX processors also, the highest clocked model will most likely surpass, or at least equal, the 4 GHz frequency. The SOI manufacturing enhancements, along with the architecture improvements brought by Piledriver, have managed to get AMD’s APUs from 2,9 GHz to a high 3,8 GHz. Llano’s top model was clocked at a base frequency of 2900 MHz, while desktop Trinity processors are expected to work at frequencies of around 3800 MHz. That’s a 31 percent frequency improvement. We don’t expect AMD’s FX Piledriver processors to have a base clock of 4,7 GHz, but we do see the possibility of a 4 GHz base clock that would represent only a 11 percent increase over FX 8150’s base clock.

The desktop Trinity processors have a usual maximum TDP of 100 watts, but on the high end AM3+ camp, a TDP of about 140 watts is quite high, but not unheard of. Basically, if AMD manages to get the same clockspeed improvements on the AM3+ platform as they did on the FM2 architecture, the new Vishera 32nm processors will be able to reach at least the 4 GHz mark. Back in the days of Pentium 4 we were used to hear uninformed amateurs say that they bought Intel processors because they were cool, lasted long and worked at a higher frequency. Once AMD manages to “hypnotize” buyers with its marketing team, the new Volan platform should achieve high sales on the same principle. The CPUs will work at very high frequencies and that’s a fact. The irony dictates that they will be just as “cool” as Pentium 4 used to be and will last longer than Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPUs, just as Intel’s Pentium 4 CPUs lasted longer than AMD’s Athlon64.

AMD's FX 8150 Processor
Image credits to Legitreviews


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