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Jul 18, 2012

AMD Piledriver FX Quad Core Processors

As we’ve just reported here, AMD is rushing to clean up after the Bulldozer mess and most processors based on this architecture will EOL in December 2012. The Bulldozer based FX models will be replaced with Vishera parts based on the enhanced Piledriver architecture.

We’ve already reported here about the 8-core FX 8350 Piledriver processor and we’ve confirmed it here, but now it’s time for our readers to meet AMD’s new quad core lineup. The new processors are FX 4300, FX 4320 and FX 4350. The former will be the slower quad core Vishera part at launch and will work at 3800 MHz and the Turbo boost will be able to clock it at a full 4 GHz. It comes with a total 8 MB of cache  and sports a 95 watts TDP. The middle quad core Vishera brother is the FX 4230 that is clocked at 4 GHz but will reach 4200 Mhz when Turbo is applied and sports the same amount of cache like the FX 4300 and the same TDP. The fastest Vishera quad core processor launched this winter will be AMD’s FX 4350 and this CPU will reach 4300 MHz on Turbo although the default frequency is “only” 4.2 GHz, as Fudzilla report.

AMD’s FX 4350 will come with a 50% larger total cache when compared with the rest of the 4300 line. Featuring 12 MB total cache, the FX 4350 will not consume more than the 95 watts just like the rest of the 4300 brothers. It’s quite ironic that AMD is the company that frequently launches CPUs faster than 4000 MHz despite the fact that Intel was the one bragging about its low performance “10 GHz” Pentium 4 architecture for more than 7 years, if we take into consideration the 1999 Pentium 4 hype.

AMD's FX 8150 Processor
Image credits to bit-tech.net


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