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Jul 1, 2012

AMD to Sell Intel Servers with Red Hat Certification

Some months ago, AMD finalized the acquisition deal regarding SeaMicro, a company building ultra-dense servers using Intel’s Atom and Xeon processors. Now, AMD will use SeaMicro’s technology and experience in different servers based on its own processors.

It is quite obvious why AMD invested in SeaMicro and why Intel was not happy about the deal. On the other hand, SeaMicro, now part of AMD, already has serious products designed with Intel’s processors, and it also has related contracts on which it has to deliver.

Therefore, AMD is in a strange situation now where it puts out press releases about Red Hat certifications for servers containing Intel processors. Obviously, the words “Intel”, “Xeon” or “Sandy Bridge” are nowhere to be found in AMD’s press release.

Future AMD Server Based on SeaMicro Technology
Image credits to AMD

Future AMD Server Based on SeaMicro Technology Presentation
Image credits to AMD


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