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Jul 26, 2012

AsRock A55M-DGS AMD FM2 Mainboard, First Windows8 Certification

For those who need a reminder, AsRock motherboard company was founded by ASUS, as the famous mainboard manufacturer was not willing to associate its brand with mid- to low-end products and wanted the ASUS moniker to be associated only with quality and high-end devices.

Thanks to ASUS’ good channel contacts, market clout and influence, AsRock did very good and quickly achieved high sales and has eventually spun-off as an independent company. Now that it is on its own, AsRock no longer limits itself to low- or mid-end products and it also launches quality and expensive devices. AsRock’s new AMD FM2 mainboard is called A55M-DGS and the company claims it is the first Windows8 certified mainboard, but we should know better. We reported here about Biostar’s new AMD FM2 mainboard and the company claimed they were actually the first to receive Microsoft’s WHQL certification from Windows8. Not that it matters much, but it’s quite funny when PR teams make such claims one after another.

AsRock’s new A55M-DGS AMD FM2 mainboard is powered by AMD’s own A55 FCH Hudson-D2 chipset and features two DDR3 DIMM slots able to drive memory faster than 2400 MHz through overclocking. The maximum DRAM capacity supported is 16 GB and the maximum share for the iGPU inside the APU is 512 MB. The mainboard is a mid-end model and only features a single PCIe x16 slot and a classic 32-Bit PCI slot for legacy cards. There are four SATA 2 connectors with support for RAID 0, 1 and 10. The I/O panel provides legacy PS/2 ports for the keyboard and mouse and there is also a classic VGA D-SUB 15 connector along a DVI-D pots, 4 USB 2.0 ports, three HD audio jacks and the RJ45 LAN connector. While there is no official information on pricing yet, AsRock brags about its A55M-DGS being the first Windows8-certified mainboard, and it also has the screenshots to prove the certification.

AsRock A55M-DGS AMD FM2 Windows 8 Certified Mainboard
Images credits to AsRock


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