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Jul 5, 2012

Foxconn Nano Fanless Mini-PCs with AMD Brazos and Intel Atom

Well-known computer parts manufacturer and integrator, Chinese company Foxconn has just presented the new Nano fanless computer series. The new devices provide noiseless operation and very modest power consumption.

The first model is the AT-5600, which is based on AMD’s Brazos low-power computing platform. The Foxconn AT-5600 nettop is based on AMD’s E450 APU, running at 1650 MHz and featuring a potent Radeon HD 6320 iGPU. The Intel-based AT-5250 fanless nettop enjoys the modest performance and low-power consumption of Intel’s D2550 Atom processor running at 1.86 Ghz.

Foxconn presents the AMD-based AT-5600 as a model suitable for home use, as well as a media center while the Intel-based AT-5250 is solely targeted for office use due to its modest x86 processor performance and extremely modest 3D capabilities. The two devices will be available in September this year priced at $280 for the AT-5600 and $260 for the AT-5250. That’s about €220 for the AMD nettop and €206 for the Intel model.

Foxconn new fanless nettop
Image credits to Foxconn


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