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Jul 10, 2012

Haswell-EP is LGA2011 but It’s Likely Completely Incompatible

Intel Corporation has apparently decided to forget about all its clients that have invested hundreds of dollars in their LGA2011 mainboards. Most of us might think that the higher-end the mainboard is, the greater the platform longevity is.

In a shocking turn of events, As reported by SemiAccurate, it seems that Intel’s LGA2011 socket for the Haswell-EP processor platform is completely incompatible with today’s LGA2011 variant. While the pin count is the same, the two sockets will be physically and electrically completely incompatible.

Many thought that Intel’s LGA2011 platform would live through the Haswell generation and that there would be an initial launch with DDR3 memory, as DDR4 memory is practically inexistent now and the sales and production are not likely to boom in 2013. Well, the rumors are that this is not the case and even if AMD made good by us in keeping FM2 socket compatibility with Richland APUs, we can’t forget the bitter taste their FM1 to FM2 switch left us just after Intel’s ugly LGA1366 and LGA1156 moves.

Intel Current LGA2011 Processor Socket
Image credits to AnandTech


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