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Jul 2, 2012

Office 2013 Icons Leak, Show More "Metro"fication

Microsoft’s Office 2013 productivity suite is expected to become available in a beta flavor later this summer, with a nice range of goodies packed inside, including a new, Metro-fied user interface.

We already had the chance to have a look at some of the visual changes that Microsoft plans on packing inside the new application version, and now we can have a look at the manner in which its icons have been changed. Each of the previous Office releases brought along redesigned icons for the applications included in the suite, and the upcoming Office 2013 is no exception. The guys over at LiveSide.net have managed to get hold of some of the icons destined to accompany the suite, such as those for OneNote 2013 and Excel 2013. Just as mentioned above, both of them show increased influence from the new Metro user interface that dominates the Windows 8 platform. The OneNote icon comes with the “Keep tabs on your life” tag on it and with a perspective that is in line with the new Windows 8 logo, as well as with the Office 2013 logo. The letter N present on the icon denotes OneNote, and it should make it easier for users to identify the app.

Apparently, all Office 2013 applications will receive the same treatment, including the Excel 2013 icon that can be seen to the left. In line with the icons for OneNote and Excel attached to this article, we can assume that the leaked icon that was spotted a while ago in a Microsoft presentation was denoting Outlook 2013 (image available courtesy of Picturepan2 at LiveSino.net). Although nothing is official on all these, specific info on Microsoft’s plans for Office 2013 should become available later this month, when the beta of the application will be made official (it might be launched as Office 2013 Preview, LiveSide suggests).

OneNote 2013 icon
Image credits to Liveside.net

Excel 2013 icon
Image credits to Liveside.net

Outlook 2013 icon
Image credits to Picturepan2 at LiveSino.net


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