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Jul 2, 2012

Windows Explorer Name to Become File Explorer in Windows 8 RTM

Microsoft is reportedly making some more changes to its Windows 8 platform in preparation for the upcoming RTM and final flavors.

One of these will affect the name of one of the most popular tools the platform has at the moment, namely its Windows Explorer. Since it is being used mostly for exploring the files and folders on the computer, Microsoft has decided to rename the tool to File Explorer, rumor has it. The change is not a big one, since the Explorer will continue to sport the same features as it did before, yet it does mark another change when compared to the Windows we knew so far. Windows Explorer has been with the platform since Windows 95, being called File Manager before that, and providing users with the ability to explore files and create directories. The screenshots that Win8china has published show the new change, which should become official as soon as the RTM flavor of the platform is released later this summer.

Along with this change, others will also mark a departure from the legacy Windows, including the removal of the popular Start screen. Moreover, Windows 8 will also land on devices without the Aero interface that many praised on Windows Vista and Windows 7. This change will be accompanied by a set of other modifications to interaction fields, and by the inclusion of sharp corners and flattened windows in the final flavor of the platform. Some other design modifications are also expected to make their way in Windows 8 when it is released to manufacturers, in line with the Metro UI that refreshes the entire platform. Although no official release date for the RTM of Windows 8 has been made official until now, reports have emerged on a possible late July availability of this flavor. The final Windows 8 release is expected to make its way to the market sometime in mid-October, three years following the launch of Windows 7.

File Explorer on Windows 8
Image credits to Win8China


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