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Jul 2, 2012

Windows Phone 8 Get Curved Keyboard for Single-Hand Use

Windows Phone 8, the next-generation mobile operating system from Microsoft, is set to arrive on shelves in the fourth quarter of this year, with a nice range of new features and updates from the previous platform releases.

One of the elements that might become available for Windows Phone 8 users at some point, but that has not been announced yet, is a keyboard specifically crafted for use single-handedly. The keyboard, which was spotted in a leaked presentation from Microsoft Research, sports a curved design, which would make it great for use with the thumb. Windows Phone 8 was rumored before to be set to receive a keyboard optimized for use with a single hand, yet Microsoft did not make official any plans on the matter. However, chances are that this curved keyboard will make an appearance on devices powered by its mobile operating system, either in the next major OS flavor or in a future one. As can be seen in the screenshot to the left, available courtesy of WMPoweruser, some of the keys have been put together, yet users should be able to type without having to actually look at the keyboard.

Moreover, the news site notes that the new design of the on-screen keys should leverage the disambiguation regarding the words that are being typed. When announcing Windows Phone 8, Microsoft did say that there would be some enhancements brought to its input methods, but all that it unveiled was extended support for national Soft Keyboards, such as a new design for Korean. Provided that Microsoft is indeed planning the inclusion of this new single-hand use keyboard on its Windows Phone 8 devices, chances are that Windows Phone 7.8 users will also receive it. What remains to be seen is whether it will become available right from the start, or it will be pushed to users later, through a new software update.

Windows phone 8 to get curved on-screen keyboard
Image credits to WMPoweruser


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