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Jul 19, 2012

SilentMaxx Sandy Bridge-E System Cooled Without Fans

We may be dramatic in our articles from time to time, but there isn't really much that can phase us on the desktop market nowadays, which makes it all the more amazing, to us anyway, that SilentMaxx managed it.

As the title has no doubt made it more than clear already, SilentMaxx has created a high-end desktop that does not use any active cooling whatsoever. One might say this is not such a big deal, until they realize that even the “normal” Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge CPUs carry an entire cooling industry on their backs alone. Hardware makers and consumers are usually looking for the best and biggest cooler they can find. Passive cooling is the stuff of the HTPC and nettop market. Not anymore though, and what makes SilentMaxx even more of a shocker is that it didn't even settle for the already overpowered Sandy Bridge. The Sandy Bridge-E line is what we are looking at (Six-Core i7-3960X). The name given to the machine is Fanless I-850, not exactly the most catchy of monikers but one that encompasses its nature perfectly.

A custom-made and enormous Twin-Max CPU cooler is used to keep the processor at manageable temperatures, and that is not all. The high-end system also boasts a passively-cooled Radeon HD 7770 graphics adapter from Advanced Micro Devices. Moreover, prospective buyers can go one step higher than even that and acquire a Radeon HD 7970, also passively cooled. As for the rest, SilentMaxx decided on multiple SSDs in RAID configuration (for storage), up to 64 GB of quad-channel DDR3-1600 MHz RAM (random access memory) and the full set of connectivity and I/O. You can find and configure your Fanless I-850 here.

SilentMaxx Fanless I-850
Image credits to SilentMaxx

SilentMaxx Fanless I-850
Image credits to ComputerBase.de


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