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Aug 29, 2012

AMD Vishera and AMD Hondo, Previewed in Next Two Weeks

In traditional manner, AMD is likely to show us sneak previews of its up and coming Vishera and Hondo processors that are going to be launched this autumn. The move will apparently try and divert some attention away from Intel’s Developer Forum event.

We reported on AMD’s Vishera desktop processor here and most of you already know that this design will be AMD’s second-generation Bulldozer CPU that will use the already famous Piledriver improvements. The Vishera CPU will feature the same cache sizes as the Bulldozer CPUs that are now available, but it will work at considerably higher clock speeds and likely dissipate less heat.

The Hondo low-power CPU is more of a mystery right now as AMD is still having it built at TSMC in the rather-outdated 40nm manufacturing process, but the targeted market is the Windows 8 tablet sector. AMD will even show us some desktop Trinity processor that we’ve already reported on here, Fudzilla reports. There isn’t much more additional information about the desktop version of the Trinity APU that is not already known, but AMD will certainly steal some headlines from Intel’s IDF.

AMD Desktop Trinity APU
Image credits to akiba-pc.watch.impress.co.jp


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