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Aug 3, 2012

EK Water Blocks for MSI Motherboard and EVGA Graphics Card

Last month, we picked up on EK's intention to release a new, high-end cooling product, but what we did not know was that said item would not be arriving alone.

Now we do. The company has formally launched the EK-FC7970 Lightning for MSI's premium R7970 Lightning graphics card, as well as the EK-FB KIT SR-X for EVGA Classified SR-X motherboard. The former is the accessory we mentioned here. It sticks to the MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning series graphics cards and cools all critical parts. That means that the graphics processing unit, the VRM and the memory chips all receive direct assistance in keeping heat down. What's more, up to four cards can be connected via the EK-FC Bridge & Link CSQ system, although the bridges are sold separately. Furthermore, for more convenience, buyers don't need the strongest liquid cooling systems for this water block to work. Weaker water pumps will do just as fine as high-end ones.

EK-FB KIT SR-X full-board water block kit is the product that goes on an EVGA Classified SR-X (270-SE-W888) motherboard. Direct contact is made between the water blocks and the power regulation (VRM / MOSFETs) module of both CPUs, the Intel C606 southbridge (PCH) and the PLX PEX8784 PCIe lane splitter controller. It comes in Nickel and Acetal+Nickel variants, as opposed to the VGA cooler above, which only has an Acetal+Nickel variant. Finally, the EK-FB KIT SR-X can be used with both weaker and medium-high / high flow pumps.

EK is accepting orders for the three products through its official website. Follow the links to the Nickel and Acetal+Nickel EK-FB KIT SR-X full-board water block kits, or go here for the Acetal+Nickel EK-FC7970 LTG. The prices, in that order, are of 135 Euro / 164 Euro, 130 Euro / 158 Euro and 115 Euro / $140, respectively.

EK-FB KIT SR-X for EVGA Classified SR-X motherboard, Nickel
Image credits to EK

EK-FB KIT SR-X for EVGA Classified SR-X motherboard, Acetal+Nickel
Image credits to EK

EK-FC7970 Lightning for MSI premium R7970 Lightning graphics card
Image credits to EK


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