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Aug 13, 2012

Intel Preparing Faster Core i7 3770K for Q1 2013

We already reported here that LGA2011 won’t receive another upgrade until next summer, but the LGA1155 are possibly in for a treat during next spring. Intel’s 22nm yields are so good that the company might milk the architecture for a while longer.

We’re inclined to believe this because there’s a long period between the Core i7 3770K launch and the 2013 Haswell quad-core launch. That’s too long to go without product announcements, in our humble opinion. Since the yields are so good, Intel will likely launch yet a faster processor just to spoil AMD’s FX8350 launch and distract people’s attention from it.

Obviously, nobody expects AMD’s top desktop CPUs to surpass Intel’s Ivy Bridge flagship any time soon, so there is basically no need for Intel to rush the Haswell launch early next spring.

Intel Ivy Bridge Marketing Shot
Image credits to Intel


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