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Sep 12, 2012

Apple's September 12 Keynote Leaked: New iPhone, iPod Refresh, iTunes Update

As if the iPhone 5 announcement wasn’t already half-spoiled by all the leaks as of late, Apple has now leaked all the major announcements it’s about to make on stage, one hour ahead of the big event.

Eagle-eyed fans conducting searches on Apple.com in the hours leading up to the big iPhone 5 event have confirmed that Apple will be calling its next smartphone the “iPhone 5.” Not only that, but they’ve even managed to confirm it will sport LTE networking. Other searches yielded an iTunes update. And now, thanks to some even better inspired customers, the entire keynote has been leaked. All the major announcements Apple plans to make today can be seen in the above screenshot.

These three announcements will be made on Apple’s PR section, following the keynote, according to Cultofmac (the first two are basically the entire keynote).

Apple is going to introduce a new iPhone, and two new iPods today. The iTunes update will undoubtedly matter as well. And there could well be some minor updates on the iPod shuffle front (and some new accessories), but that’s pretty much it. One new iPhone. Two new iPods.

Apple.com search results
Image credits to CultofMac


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