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Sep 12, 2012

Intel Top-Performing Haswell Coming in Late 2013

It seems that the big message to take home from this year’s IDF event in San Francisco is that the new architecture is power-efficiency oriented and there was practically no emphasis on performance.

Not even the impressive new iGPU is allowed to truly shine and display its peromance. Intel is keeping the TDP specifications very tight and therefore the new GT3 iGPU can’t run at the same high frequencies as the HD4000 does today. We already detailed these aspects, but it seems that Intel is not at all interested in the performance competition and thus the top-performing Haswell CPUs will only enter the market in late 2013, VR-Zone reports.

Most industry insiders and the experts in the know believe this is mostly due to AMD’s inability to challenge Intel’s x86 processors. This may change once Steamroller will be launched, but until then there is little hope that the desktop Haswell will be launched.

Intel IDF 2012 Logo
Image credits to Intel

Intel Haswell chip
Image credits to Intel


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