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Sep 12, 2012

AMD Trinity Doing Much Better than Llano

Those that might not really understand why exactly is Trinity doing much better than Llano, should only remember that AMD now rules 43% of the low to mid-end PC market with its Brazos and Llano platforms.

AMD's Corporate Vice President of Desktop Product Line, Ms. Leslie Sobon has admitted to Fudzilla.com that Llano was a troublesome and delayed part, but now the company is executing much better with Trinity, Fudzilla reports. The reality is that if the “troublesome and delayed” Llano along with the 40nm Brazos got AMD 43% of the market while not having a single top-performing x86 model, Trinity will normally do much better. Sure the company has not significantly upgraded Brazos, but it doesn’t need to as Atom’s competition is practically null and only Intel’s market clout is sustaining Atom sales. Trinity is AMD’s first mobile oriented mainstream part and it excels in user experience while delivering Rory Read’s “good enough” x86 performance and impressive 3D capabilities at modest TDP values that were previously unattainable for AMD.

This is the first time AMD has managed to squeeze this much performance inside a 25W or a 35W TDP and the 17W Trinity parts are a complete novelty for the company. Also, for the first time in recent history, the company is improving its OEM and mobile shipments while placing the DIY market second. AMD is going for the higher margins in the mobile sector and the significant sales in the OEM market and it is ensuring that enough volume is available to fulfill the respective demand. Intel itself has apparently placed the x86 performance factor second so it seems that, even in the tough year of 2012, AMD managed to be a trend setter.

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