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Sep 10, 2012

EK Supremacy Elite CPU Waterblocks

Water cooling specialist EK has formally launched four waterblocks, which are supposedly already in such high demand that they may show up as out of stock.

The four newcomers are called EK Supremacy Elite 115x (sockets LGA1155, LGA1156), EK Supremacy Elite 1366 (socket LGA1366), EK Supremacy Elite 2011 (socket LGA2011) and EK Supremacy Elite AMD (sockets AM3+, FM1, AM3, AM2+, AM2). They are successors to the EK-Supreme HF line launched in 2010 and have better hydraulics (improved design for up to 20% higher flow) and, of course, better cooling effectiveness (up to 2 degrees Celsius lower CPU temperatures). Design-wise, EK chose to construct the EK Supremacy Elite waterblocks with a circle pattern on the top and tool-less mounting systems. The press release uses the words “universal mounting mechanism that offers error-preventing, tool-less installation,” but this only makes it curious that there are four models, specific to socket types, instead of a single one compatible with them all.

Most noticeable is that the AMD-compatible waterblock has a significantly more different shape than the Intel ones, with a rectangular mounting pad, rather than x-like “feet.” Inconsistencies aside, at least there is one true universal advantage: the EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme thermal interface, a self-contained and sealed structure that substitutes for thermal greases, liquid metal alloys and metallic thermal interface pads. It deploys “a Phase Change Metallic Alloy (PCMA) which reflows and fills surface asperities on the CPU lid and heat sink.” All the new waterblocks sell for 104.95 Euro, except for the EK Supremacy Elite - Intel 2011, which ships for 107.95 Euro. That's $134 and $138, respectively, according to exchange rates, but it is more likely that the cooling products will sell for $104-105 and $107-108 Instead.

As we said above, EK may list one or more of the waterblocks as out of stock, due to high demand that supposedly exhausts availably supply even though new batches are manufactured every day.

EK Supremacy Elite
Images credits to EK


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