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Sep 16, 2012

Intel Clover Trail Stacks LPDDR2 Memory

Intel decided to increase the level of integration in the new Clover Trail platform, but the company is now also allowing stacking LPDDR2 memory chips on top of its Atom CPU and offers a unique package to the tablet maker.

In a very interesting move, the world’s largest semiconductor company is now offering the first x86 CPU with integrated LPDDR2 memory although the memory is not mounted by Intel itself. The main thing to remember is that this is not on-die integration, but on-package integration, therefore Intel is not manufacturing the memory nor is it selling it to the tablet maker.

Practically the memory chips are stacked on top of the CPU crystal and the goal is top reduce the PCB complexity, the scale of PCB routing and power consumption. Intel’s package is providing the CPU die itself, the substrate that will connect the die to the PCB and the interposer that’s necessary for connecting the LPDDR2 memory added by the tablet maker to the substrate.

Co-POP LPDDR2 Support on Intel Clovertrail
Image credits to Intel


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