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Sep 25, 2012

Lytro Light Field Camera Reaches US Market

The Lytro camera, reputed for being capable of capturing the entire field of light and, thus, allowing a photo to be focused after it has been taken, is making the headlines again.

We don't have any new tech breakthrough to talk about this time. Instead, we are here to inform you that, if you live in the US, the product will be available online from stores like Amazon, Target and BestBuy from October 9, 2012 onwards. After that, in November, Target's CityTarget brick-and-mortar stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Westwood, Seattle, and Chicago will have it up for sale too.

Unfortunately, the same doesn't go for the rest of the world, which is really what we are hoping for, since Lytro has been selling the camera, in the US, through its website for months. Granted, Canada's Future Shop will get it on October 9 too, and Australia on October 10, but Hong Kong and Singapore will only get it “starting mid-October.” As if the ambiguity weren't enough, there seems to be no intention on Lytro's part to start accepting international orders through its website.

Lytro light field camera
Image credits to Lytro


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