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Sep 25, 2012

Nokia to Sue HTC over Polycarbonate Design of HTC Windows Phone 8X

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is reportedly considering filing a lawsuit against Taiwanese maker HTC, seeking a ban on its newly unveiled Windows Phone 8X smartphone.

The handset, unveiled to the world last week, features the same polycarbonate body that Nokia has been using for about one year for its Windows Phone devices, and resembles a lot the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones that were unveiled in early September. HTC’s new smartphone indeed looks a lot like the Lumia handsets, especially when put side by side with the Lumia 820, Nokia’s mid-range device. Nokia hasn’t made an official announcement regarding its plans, but PC-Tablet.com cites trusted sources claiming that the company is indeed considering a possible lawsuit against HTC. “The reports are saying Nokia is preparing to get HTC 8X banned in various parts of the world from going on sale when it will launch in November. Nokia has said in reports that the front-face of HTC 8X looks identically same as of the Lumia 820 followed by side-curves of the phone body,” said sources said.

Of course, there are a wide range of hardware and feature differences between the Lumia smartphones and HTC’s new Windows Phone 8 devices, but that doesn’t change the fact that they sport a similar outer design and color flavors. Both Nokia and HTC are expected to bring their WP8 handsets to shelves in November, and they should make them available in a wide range of markets around the world. Lawsuits over resembling phone designs are rather common, and it wouldn’t come too much as a surprise if Nokia indeed pursued this in court. However, with Windows Phone struggling to gain some market share, a ban on HTC’s 8X would likely hurt sales, and we’re almost certain that Microsoft does not want that. If so, the Redmond-based company might intervene and try to determine its partners to settle the conflict, provided that Nokia indeed sees one here, outside the court. Stay tuned for more on this.

Windows Phone 8X by HTC
Image credits to HTC

Nokia Lumia 820
Image credits to Nokia


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