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Sep 25, 2012

Kingston ValueRAM Capable of 2,400 MHz Is Incredibly Cheap

One would think that a memory module capable of working well in excess of 2,000 MHz would cost more than average, but Kingston has shown that there are exceptions even to that rule.

The company didn't actually make any announcement about it, but that didn't stop some people from having the epiphany by accident. It turns out that a 4 GB Kingston value RAM memory module ships for only $18.99, or 14.70-18.99 Euro on European retailers. Obviously, the 1,600 MHz frequency and the latency of 11-11-11-28, all on 1.5 Volts, makes that tag seem like a logical choice. Sure, it is low, but only due to how poorly memory has been selling over the past year. The price is also “owed” to the lack of Intel CMP certification and the distinct absence of heatsinks.

However, when using the module in overclocking, the 4GB Kingston ValueRam becomes a 2,400 MHz device with a latency of CL10. Considering that even 1,600 MHz is enough to eliminate bottlenecks on Intel and AMD motherboards, this is a considerable accomplishment.

Kingston ValueRam overclocked to 2,400 MHz
Images credits to VR-Zone


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