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Sep 3, 2012

Nokia Testing Windows Phone 7.8-Based Lumia 610 Successor

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is reportedly working on the release of a new series of handsets in the Lumia range, one of which should be released with the Windows Phone 7.8 platform on board.

The company is expected to unveil Windows Phone 8-powered handsets later this week, and it might also throw into the mix the aforementioned Windows Phone 7.8 device, a successor for the currently available Lumia 610 smartphone. Only a few details related to this device are known at the moment, and nothing has been officially confirmed on the phone’s existence for the time being, but it should not be too long before the leading handset vendor decides to make a formal announcement on this, it seems. Codenamed “Glory,” the new mobile phone is rumored to arrive on shelves with a 4-inch touchscreen display, which will make it a bit bigger than the Lumia 610. The internal circuitry, however, is expected to remain the same as inside the older handset, including the 256MB of RAM that powers it.

Moreover, the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 smartphone should feature an 800MHz application processor inside, which will indeed make it a low-end handset. The rest of the phone’s hardware specifications are not known yet, but we don’t expect it to include anything impressive. According to a report on The Verge, the new device will not be unveiled this week during Nokia’s press event focused on Windows Phone 8. However, the device could be released in time for the holiday season, although its exact availability date is unknown for the time being. What remains to be seen at this time is how well it will be received once made available, especially since it won’t feature the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile OS. At the aforementioned press event this week, Nokia is expected to make official no less than two Windows Phone 8 handsets, namely the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. Unlike Glory, they are aimed at the mid- and high-end segments of the market.

Nokia Lumia 610
Image credits to Nokia


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