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Sep 3, 2012

Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 and GTX 660 Launch Date

California-headquartered GPU and mobile CPU design company, American corporation Nvidia is working hard to get out the door its own alternatives to AMD’s Radeon HD 78xx series and HD 77xx series.

Nvidia is obviously catastrophically late to the market with these solutions, but we’re glad it is finally here, as this way it will force AMD into a price decrease. As we all know, the GTX 650 video cards will be powered by the GK107 Kepler-based GPU that we know from the GT 640 video cards. The GTX 660 will use the novel GK106 chip that we reported here.

The GK107 has 384 CUDA cores and benefits from GDDR5 memory on the GTX 650 cards, while the GK106 reportedly has 960 CUDA cores active with some of them deactivated by the maker. The launch will reportedly take place on September 12, 2012, but you can already check out initial infos here, 3D-Center reports.

Nvidia GTX 650 Video Card
Image credits to vga.it168


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