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Sep 26, 2012

Qualcomm SnapDragon S2 Humiliates Intel Medfield [Video]

In an interesting development, Qualcomm has decided to leave being its noble and non-combative attitude towards Intel or other competitors. The company has just posted a video where they compare a two-year-old SnapDragon S2 to a 2012 Atom Medfield.

While synthetic benchmarks portray Medfield as a valid competitor for last year’s top performing ARM gang, the real-life experience proves that the performance is considerably inferior to a Qualcomm SoC that was launched two years ago. The video compares the Sony Xperia smartphone to the unpopular Lava XOLO that has an Intel Atom Z2460 SoC inside. The Medfield SoC looks pretty much OK in benchmarks. It’s definitely not comparable with this year’s top performing ARM processors, but it’s hanging tight with the 2011 pack.

Moreover, Intel’s Medfield excels in Java where, up until Apple’s iPhone 5, it was able to deliver the best results, surpassing any other mobile processor out on the market at the moment. When moving beyond benchmarks and into real-life performance, Intel’s Atom is far behind a 2010 SnapDragon S2 that’s a 45nm chip that integrates an Adreno 205 iGPU. The Medfield performance is disturbingly slow and quite uncomfortable for the eye as there is a lot of jittering and stuttering while Medfield gaming is deemed irrelevant by the guys making the video.

With so many devices launched every day, what claims to be new may not always be up to speed with current technology. In this video, you'll see how a Qualcomm Snapdragon processors compare to the competition's latest processor.
Video credits to QualcommVlog


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