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Oct 2, 2012

AMD Trinity Desktop APUs Officially Announced at Incredible Prices

Texas-based fabless chip designer AMD has just announced its new desktop APUs previously known as Trinity. The new devices are using the Piledriver enhanced x86 computing cores and a VLIW4 integrated graphics processing unit (iGPU) architecture.

AMD’s new chips are still manufactured in 32nm SOI technology, just like most of the processors that the company is selling, but these are benefitting from a mature 32nm process and that has brought numerous advantages. The chips are running at very high frequencies and the lowest default working frequency is a high 3.4 GHz while the highest is a straight 4 GHz. All the new APUs come with Turbo core technology and this allows them a 200 MHz to 600 MHz frequency boost when the software needs the best possible performance and the system thermals allows it. This makes the fastest A10-5800K APU reach an amazing 4.2 GHz clockspeed and over 700 GFLOPS of floating point performance.

The new FM2 platform will be a long-lived implementation as AMD and the motherboard companies are saying that the future generation of Kaveri APUs built in 28nm technology will fit perfectly in the current systems. The maximum DDR3 frequency officially supported is 1866 MHz, but the integrated memory controllers (IMC) are capable to drive memory up to more than 2400 MHz with ease and the iGPU will greatly benefit from such a frequency boost. The company says that the new chips are highly overclockable and even goes as far as saying that most will surpass the 6.5 GHz mark when extra cooling is added. The pricing of the entire range is absolutely amazing as it crushes anything Intel can offer at comparable prices.

In fact, the most powerful Intel processor that would have a comparable price is the $117 Core i3-3220T, but this is a modest dual-core CPU that won’t stand a chance in the face of a quad-core Trinity APU. AMD prices the new chips starting at a modest $53 for an A4-5300 dual-core Trinity running at 3.4 GHz with a 3.6 GHz boost and 1600 MHz DDR3 memory support and goes up to a maximum of just $122 for an unlocked A10-5800K quad core APU running at a default 3.8 GHz with a maximum 4.2 GHz boost. The new APUs are available starting today.

AMD logo
Image credits to AMD

AMD Official Trinity Processor Pricing
Image credits to AMD


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